Terms and Conditions

The Eyabantu Society Scheme Funeral Plan pays out the Sum Assured in the event of death of the Life Assured |A Principal member must live in South Africa and be over the age of 18 | Maximum entry age of Principal Member is 64 last birthday | Maximum entry age for Extended FFamily member is 94 last birthday | There is a 31 day cooling off period from the receipt of the policy document to examine the policy | Extended Family Members means family members stipulated in the Membeship certificate, who are dependent on the Principal Member for financial assistance in the event of their death, and must be a spouse, parents, parents in-law, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, gandparents, grandchildren or children of the Principal Member

The maximum Sum Assured per Policy on a life assured is limited to R30 000 |No more than 10 additional extended family members can be covered under each plan |Premiums are whole of life for all lives assurred | There shall be no automatic premium increase however the premiums are not guaranteed and Safrican shall have the right to review the premiums monthly for any justifiable reason including but not limited to: changes in law; and/or circumstances and/or eperiences that differ from the initial assumptions which were used to calculate the premiums (including the assumed costs of Safrican providing cover;the assumed mix of policyholders' ages, relationships and genders; the assumed claims experience, profit or prevailing economic conditions) | Commission is paid to Eyabantu Society Scheme by Sadrican for being a brokerage


Waiting Period

There is no waitiong period in respect o accidental death claims | In the event of an increase in cover amount the relevent waiting period will apply only to the amount by which the benefit increased | All insured members 18-74 years have a 180 das waiting period | All insured memebers 75-94 years have 360 das waiting period



Suicide or suicide attemts is not covered within 12 months of commencement of the insurence or date of any reinstatement | Claiims caused directly or indirectly by terrorist activity, war, invasion, hostilities or warlike operations (whether are be declared or not), civil war revolution, rebellion, insurrection, military or usurped power, martial law, strike, riot or civil commotion | The life assurence committing ny breach of criminal law | Divorced spouses at the commencement o insurence are not covered, and cover fo spouses who divorce after the commencement of the insurence will cease immidiately on divoce.